How to enhance event attendee engagement

Organising a successful event goes beyond securing a venue and inviting speakers, but the measure of success lies in attendee engagement. A highly engaged audience not only ensures a memorable experience but also contributes to the overall success of the event. We explore strategies to boost event attendee engagement and leave a lasting impression.

5 new ways to offer value to exhibitors

There is increased demand for event organisers to help exhibitors to exhibit, which all starts with partnering with the right core services contractor. Exhibitors and organisers are symbiotic partners; good support from the former ensures both derive benefits as ROI occurs in multiple key areas.

How AI is transforming event management

In the realm of innovation, there’s a dazzling star that steals the spotlight – Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its disruptive force has ruffled feathers in countless fields and event management is no exception. We’re diving deep into how AI is reshaping the very essence of event management.

10 ways to make your event more sustainable

Events are an essential part of human life, and every year, uncountable events are organised, whether corporate or personal. However, we should all remember that while celebrating our accomplishments or trying to make our businesses more profitable, we should never damage the environment. We have collated a list of ten ways to make your event more sustainable.