Through curating experiences, through e-zones, that attendees will truly value, it greatly enhances their on-site experience and encourages repeat attendance.

Attendee Goals

Show managers can creatively combine attendee goals of visiting an exhibition into highly curated e-zones. So what are the goals of attendees?

  • Making new connections and deepening existing ones.
  • Engaging with co-workers they see only on Zoom.
  • Learning from industry experts.
  • Trying out new tech or products.
  • Deepening connection with suppliers, clients, etc.

Change in Needs

Educational talks and sessions have always been a pinpoint e-zone on the exhibition floor. Many event planners curated a valuable schedule with top-tier speakers, and a flow of sessions which had variety and thought leadership.

In recent times, a significant shift in attendees’ needs and expectations has been seen. They now seek more than just information absorption; they crave networking opportunities, interactive educational experiences, and ways to enhance their wellness. This shift underscores the importance of event planners adapting and innovating, providing various experiences to keep attendees engaged and their visit worthwhile.

How do you incorporate better use of E-Zones? Here are our 6 top tips to maximise the effectiveness of E-Zones to engage attendees, keeping them coming back for more.

1. Location

The forefront of an attendee visiting an e-zone is its location. Design zones that can reflect industry trends, and which cater to attendee interest, creating a well-defined flow of engaging experiences through the event, including interaction, accessibility, and attendee flow.

Feel free to think outside the walls of the event. Consider incorporating virtual architecture, such as virtual signposts, to keep attendees engaged and intrigued. This, in itself, can be a memorable experience for attendees in the run-up to the event.

2. Highlight innovations with the help of exhibitors

E-zones are the perfect place to showcase innovations and new businesses, priming a chance for exhibitors to demonstrate and show their work. This creates a sense of relatability with the attendees through encouraging a connection.

It’s a good idea to keep up to date with trends in innovative and technological advances so you have a better understanding of what attendees are keen to see.

3. Bring your stories to life

As previously mentioned, you can incorporate digital aspects to your e-zones to increase engagement and improve memorability among attendees. Incorporating VR, AR and AV components into your e-zone unlocks a realm of possibilities, transforming static talks into dynamic experiences.

Virtual tours immerse visitors in interactive environments, while gamification adds an element of fun and competition. Storytelling through augmented reality through attendees phones can engage attendees on a deeper level, creating memorable narratives around your event. By leveraging technology in this way, you can maximise your space and provide visitors with hands-on experiences they’ll cherish long after the event.

4. Let LED walls draw people in

By highlighting (literally) the e-zone, you make them easy for the attendee to find. Using LED walls scattered around strategically on the floor can be very effective.

You can provide information, grab the attention of attendees who might act on impulse to attend, and provide directions towards the zone.

Adding advertisement messaging is also feasible. It can provide a wealth of opportunities for sponsorship. You can work with your sponsors to create something of value for attendees on the signage, rather than just a plain logo.     

5. Do your homework

No matter what, the value of an e-zone is determined by our understanding of the industry and what the attendees value. As professionals involved in organising events, you must do our homework. Find out what attendees want to know and understand, what pain points they deal with, and what specifics they’d love to see. This understanding is the key to creating engaging and successful e-zones.

It’s a great idea to approach partners, sponsors, or even exhibitors to aid you to build these experiences to provide the best combination of engagement and interest.

6. Wellness Spots   

As much as attendees appreciate the masses of information, most individuals hold wellbeing in high regard, as mentioned. You can capitalise on this opportunity and provide an e-zone focusing on attendee wellness.

You can use this to your advantage—maybe bring in an expert to discuss managing stress, work wellbeing, etc. Of course, try to make it as relevant and personalised as possible for the attendees. Maybe there is a recurring theme within the industry of what individuals need on the holistic side.

7. Use social media

Some attendees will plan their day in advance and arrive with a fixed agenda. The more attendees see your promotional material before the show, the more likely it is that they will take time to come to your e-zone throughout the day.

And by harnessing social platforms like Instagram and YouTube, e-zones can bridge the gap between in-person and virtual attendees. Through live streaming and interactive content, physical event experiences can be shared in real-time with a global audience.

Additionally, curated behind-the-scenes glimpses and user-generated content can offer virtual attendees an immersive experience, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of inclusion regardless of physical location.


In today’s dynamic world of events and exhibitions, e-zones have emerged as pivotal spaces tailored to meet attendees’ diverse needs and expectations. These zones aren’t just random setups; they’re carefully crafted environments designed to captivate audiences, foster connections, and offer enriching experiences.

So, the next time you step into an exhibition hall, keep an eye out for these e-zones. They’re not just areas to pass through—they’re destinations in themselves. Applying these tips can significantly enhance the on-site experience, fostering a sense of engagement beyond just educational incentives. Start improving your e-zones today, and see the difference it makes in your attendees’ experience.

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