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Rethink, Reuse, Recycle.

We won’t beat around the bush – we’re part of an industry that’s a huge contributor to environmental pollution. Since our beginning, sustainability has been a central component of our business strategy; we’ve been on a green mission, designing and building reusable and recyclable event solutions while taking our clients on the journey with us. We have a responsibility to make every aspect of our business as sustainable as possible and are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

Who We Work With

Our Blue Initiatives

When looking into carbon offsetting schemes in 2022 we decided to focus on ‘blue carbon’. Our research showed that the planting of mangroves and conservation of wetland areas has far more effective impact on Co2 absorption than terrestrial forests.

Through One Tree Planted, we planted over 1,165 mangrove trees in 2022 via their restoration projects across Asia and Latin America. Mangroves increase capacity for 5-10x more carbon storage and help protect against coastal erosion and climate change.

Planning & Design

We assist clients in comprehensively assessing the ecosystem influencing their event’s carbon footprint, fostering collaborative efforts to craft sustainable event briefs. Our design philosophy centres on the circular economy, championing waste and pollution reduction, product and material longevity, and recycling.

By repurposing materials and recycling resources, we reduce waste, conserve energy, and minimise our carbon footprint. Our innovative design solutions incorporate reclaimed materials, breathing new life into discarded elements while minimising the need for new resources.

Our Production Process

Our approach begins with eco-conscious material selection, opting for recyclable and low-impact materials. Energy-efficient lighting and equipment reduce power consumption, while waste reduction strategies, such as reusing stand components and recycling materials, contribute to sustainability.

Furthermore, promoting eco-friendly practices and partnering with eco-conscious suppliers demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, aligning the exhibition industry with responsible environmental stewardship.

Strong ESG governance through Sustainability Committee and Group policies.
100% of our energy used for production is renewably sourced.
We send Zero waste to landfill, including flooring, graphics and packaging.
Our suppliers are expected to meet high environmental standards.
Our modular systems are made from recycled aluminium that can be 100% recycled.
We have transitioned to digital job packs to minimise our use of paper.
At November 2023

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Environmental Sustainability Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy


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