One Change is an action-based strategy to make one change a month in diversity, sustainability, accessibility or in trading fairly. The initiative is organised by The Ops Nest, a membership community for venues, organisers, suppliers and contractors in the event industry to come together to learn, network, and collaborate.

Whitespace Group pursues a specific business strategy based on the concept of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance values), which describes how sustainability is found where these factors come together: environmental impact, social impact and the more internal aspects of company structure and governance. Whitespace Group’s goal is to create value by acting responsibly towards the world in which it operates, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of society and the economy.

One core principle remains at the forefront of our vision: the power of community. We firmly believe that we can achieve more working together, than by acting alone. The opportunity for collaboration that The Ops Next facilitates, enables us to knowledge share with all members of our industry community, so that we can help and support significant change that will contribute to safeguarding the world we live in.

Mary Cole, Managing Director of Whitespace Group, said: “We are really looking forward to being part of the community that The Ops Nest have built and build upon our action-based strategy around ESG alongside the other members. We firmly believe that this type of collaboration can drive efficient and effective delivery, supply chain development and drive the inclusive growth of the events industry by aligning our objectives.”

Lou Kiwanuka, Founder of The Ops Nest, said: “When we set out to make one change a month, we didn’t quite realise the ripple effect that would come and we are extremely happy that Whitespace Group have come on board as our first One Change partner. One Change is based on the premise that you can’t learn how to fix big problems without learning how to fix small ones first.

“When you make a change, unintended consequences can flood in… making one change a month requires you to assess that change and course correct if you don’t get it quite right.

“We’re very much looking forward to seeing what changes come from the programme and learning from each other over the coming year.”

You can learn more about Whitespace Group’s environmental goals and progress here.